About Us

A little bit background behind us!


Green Safety and Health, Safeguards for a Happy life


Become the green health product that consumers can feel at ease with in their pursuit of a high quality life


Show people the way to a healthy physique so as to better enjoy work, life, and learning. We embrace nature and health to become a dynamic brand that is trusted domestically and across Asia!
Youth For You Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-funded initiative to address health issues in Asia and improve himan health. It is committed to using natural dietary-supplements to help people improve their health as well as quality of life. The company has taken advantage of the current financial environment and logistics services developed through the internet to meet market demands over a global perspective, utilizing leading nutritional product research and technical skills to uphold the branding concept of “Green and Healthy Lifestyle, Safeguard of the Family”, to create high quality nutritional dietary products that stand above the rest.
Youth For You adheres to the concept of long-term health maintenance through the consistent use of high quality products. Based on the procurement of the world’s best ingredients and formula optimization, we produce 100% environmentally-conscious products made from top-grade ingredients and formula. We possess strict regulatory guidelines, high quality ingredients, superior manufacturing practices, and a trustworthy brand.
We are committed to promoting the novel concept of nutraceutical development based on science and technology as well as innovative thinking. A comprehensive and scientific dietary supplement system that adheres to the development strategy of “Health and Safety” will be established based on the accumulative robusticity of global health research and techniques. We work hand-in-hand with our partners in the health care industry to bring safe, superior, and high quality healthy living to everyone.